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We’re committed to helping people access healthcare online, quickly and easily.

Whether it’s your regular prescription treatment, or expert advice from a medical professional, our diverse range of platforms aim to bring the clinic directly to you.

Online health is an emerging industry, and we’re proud to be leading the way by developing pioneering systems that make high quality, on-demand care a reality.

Patient empowerment is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in giving patients the knowledge to help them stay healthy, and involve them in the clinical decisions that affect them.

About Us

  1. 2009

    HR Healthcare is founded. A UK-based pharmacy regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council, HR Healthcare provides dispensing services for external online doctor interfaces.

  2. 2014

    HR Healthcare plans to release its own platform, Treated.com. The site will offer patients treatment-based online consultations with prescribing doctors.

  3. 2015

    Treated.com is launched in the UK, France and Germany. It later launches its services in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

    Treated.com’s London tube map of calories goes viral, putting the brand firmly on the map.

  4. 2016

    Treated.com launches its service in Spain and Finland.

    Partnering with animation agency Young, the brand releases its first commercial campaign on television, appearing on UK Freeview channels.

    GoodCare IT is founded in India. HR Healthcare appoints the web development company to build SysCare, a bespoke CMS and order management platform, to fulfil its online operations.

  5. 2017

    Treated.com launches in Poland and Portugal.

    As part of an organisational restructure, Webcare Group is founded. This healthcare-oriented marketing company will be responsible for Treated.com’s online presence, and serve as an umbrella organisation to HR Healthcare and GoodCare IT.

  6. 2018

    Treated.com partners with a pathology lab to launch a home testing service in the UK.

    The site reaches 150,000 users.

    Webcare Group invests in France-based telemedicine solutions provider, BravoDoc.

  7. 2019

    Treated.com receives approval to dispense NHS prescriptions.

    EveAdam, a platform offering prescription medications on subscription, launches in the UK.

    Following the launch founder Riaz Vali appears as a featured speaker at Zuora’s annual Subscribed event in London.

  8. 2020

    Treated.com is among the first online services to offer private coronavirus testing, and pledges 100 free tests to NHS workers.

    EveAdam.com launches in the USA.

  9. 2021

    EveAdam Deutschland launches in the first European country to provide online healthcare to German patients.

  10. 2022

    New Treated.com

    Following an immersive re-branding collaboration with DesignStudio, Treated.com merges with EveAdam, and re-launches as 'Treated'. Treated opens in several new markets in Europe, as well as in Canada, Mexico and Chile.

    New Treated.com
  11. 2023

    Apotheek Life

    We open up our own pharmacy in the Netherlands: Apotheek Life

    Apotheek Life
  12. 2024

    Treated launches in Australia.

    New Treated.com


We pride ourselves in recognising talent and developing it into something special. From small beginnings 15 years ago with just a handful of employees, the collected team at Webcare Group companies is now over 50 strong and growing.

Our diverse in-house teams carry expertise and experience in a range of areas, including clinical excellence, web development and digital marketing; and it’s this collection of people working collaboratively that makes our organisation truly unique.


Innovation is an integral part of what we do. As leaders in digital health, we’re continually looking for ways to make the provision of care more agile and accessible.

From pharmacy dispensing to onsite user experience, the technology we use is owned and developed by us, and tailor made to suit our needs.

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